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If I remember correctly, the 12 series of Ubuntu had some issues with the Asus U46e-bal6 -- how is 13.10 working, anyone know?

I'm starting to have some issues with Windows 7, and I have no desire to upgrade to Windows 8. Giving serious consideration to returning to a dual boot set up with Ubuntu. Anything I should know going in with my current hardware?


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From the hardware built into the laptop, I see no issues.

Some people reported boot problems caused by the VT-d feature, which can be resolved (according to this answer here on AskUbuntu) by either using noapic as a boot parameter or just disabling VT-d in the BIOS.

If you have doubts about the general performance of Ubuntu on your laptop, I'd highly recommend creating a bootable USB stick and giving the live system a spin.

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Thanks, DRC, I appreciate the feedback. I had heard about the noapic issue, but there were also some instances of cooling fans not turning off and a few other items. I'll look into it a little further, and I'll try the bootable USB. – Rob McClellan Nov 16 '13 at 22:56

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