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Irrespective of the program, the mouse pointer flickers most of the time at an unstable rate, often disappears completely then comes back flickering. 80-90% of the time disappears over web pages (tried both Chromium and FireFox) making browsing and ordering things online a total nightmare. I actually have to move the mouse little by little each time, seeing what gets highlighted in the web page so that I can guess where the cursor is, then move the mouse a little again, and repeat until I get it over the link or button I want to click.

After rebooting the cursor is working ok for the first 3-4 minutes and then starts flashing gradually more and more until it is unusable. Once the problem is in full effect, I have also noticed that the cursor tend to be visible more often on the top half of the screen! So I actually make most browser windows occupy the top half of the screen, in an attempt to be able to use the page.

I saw some similar bug reports about the gnome daemon settings, but the proposed work around didn't work for me, plus the problem is not the same. For example I ran: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false

Nothing changed.

This problem is so basic and incredibly annoying that I am thinking of switching away from Ubuntu.

Any pointers? (pun intended)

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The post in the link is essentially identical and the solution works for me: Mouse cursor flickering and disappearing

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