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I have a system with three storage drives:

SSD - boot              
HDD 1 - programs            
HDD 2 - storage

How do I get Ubuntu 13.10 to automatically install all apps to HDD 1 (software not packaged with the OS installation)? I know that apps are to be installed inside of /, but I want to install programs like the steam client, playonlinux installed programs, and software center managed programs on HDD 1.

How should I do this?

UPDATE: How do I do this in terminal as well? I am using Zorin OS 7.1 variant of Ubuntu 13.10. Zorin OS does not have that UI based mount point editor only the run of the mill GParted

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As I know most of the Ubuntu applications are installed in /usr . so while you creates the HDD 1 partition , set its mount point to /usr , so that all your applications will installed into HDD1 as you want.

I mean in this step( A sample image) , set mount point as /usr for HDD1

enter image description here

hope that helps.

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