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I've been using an HP Pavillion dv4-1430us laptop with Ubuntu 10.04 installed on it. I want to use the IR6 remote control that comes with the laptop on my Ubuntu. However, I've failed to do so after several attempts.

Could anyone please let me know about the complete and detailed procedure to get the remote working in Ubuntu 10.04?

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I also had trouble with it, but now works out-of-the-box on 10.10 (on most machines). – Luigi Oct 20 '10 at 16:28
P.S. make sure that the battery isn't depleted on the remote. – Luigi Oct 20 '10 at 17:07

Here's what worked on my HP-2140us:

  1. Install the "Infrared Remote Control" app from the software center
  2. If you haven't installed lirc before, you'll get a config screen; if the install completes without one, open a terminal and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc
  3. Select ENE KB3926 as your receiver and None as your transmitter.
  4. Open Preferences > Infrafed Remote Control, unlock and set the "IR Remote Control" settings to Manufacturer: HP, Model:TSGH-IR01
  5. Press a few buttons on the remote and make sure they come up in the "Configuration Test" area. If they do, you're done!

Finally, if you plan to use the remote with rhythmbox/totem/banshee/etc., you'll need to enable the lirc/remote control plugins in those apps.

update: you might need to restart after step 3

update 2 For Rhythmbox support add this in ~/.lircrc:

    prog = Rhythmbox
    button = PlayPause
    config = playpause

    prog = Rhythmbox
    button = Skip
    config = next

    prog = Rhythmbox
    button = Replay
    config = previous

    prog = Rhythmbox
    button = VolUp
    config = volume_up

    prog = Rhythmbox
    button = VolDown
    config = volume_down
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I could make my HP IR remote work only with rhytmbox, here is the how to:

1º Install gnome-lirc-properties on Software Center

2º Paste the following code on harware.conf file

sudo gedit /etc/lirc/hardware.conf:

#Chosen Remote Control
REMOTE="ENE KB3926 B/C/D (ENE0100) CIR port"
REMOTE_MODULES="lirc_dev lirc_ene0100"
REMOTE_LIRCD_ARGS="-d /dev/lirc0"

3º Copy the configuration from the URL above:

Paste it to lirc.conf sudo gedit /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

4º Reboot the PC

5º Test if the IR is working

In the terminal type the comand irw and press the remote control buttons to check.

6º On Rhytmbox go to Edit > Plugins and enable the LIRC plugin.

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Thanks you Benjamin Gois...!! it's works great for my HP DV4-1213 LA with RC6 ir Hardware. Operative system: kubuntu 10.10 If any have problems with a similar S.O. I can post my log's.. – user11851 Mar 5 '11 at 5:46

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