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I can open terminal with Ctrl-Alt-T, but, it's completely blank and no way to input anything? I tried typing just in case there was something hidden but it's as though the font is black on black. I've tried changing font colours but it didn't do anything I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed How do I get to see what I'm doing (or what did I do to screw up?) Thanks in advance


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I figured it out (sort of) Opened terminal, went to Edit, Profile Preferences, Color, un-check 'use colors from system theme, changed font colour to Yellow and background colour to black Strange thing though, I have no idea how everything got switched to 'grey' yet came out as black on black? – Peer Jones Nov 16 '13 at 0:54
Also can try to blindly type xterm and press enter. – osa Jan 15 '15 at 18:32

Open virtual terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1.Then run the following commands to reinstall gnome-terminal,

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-terminal

To return to GUI press Ctrl+Alt+F7

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for me the problem was a previous command that had crashed. Ctrl + C broke out of it for me. Perhaps something everybody knows, but not me until now!

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