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I installed Cinnamon on top of Gnome in Ubuntu Gnome 13.10. I would like to remove the unnecessary parts of gnome, primarily the settings which show as duplicates with the cinnamon ones, making it hard to distinguish which is which. I tried removing gnome-shell, but it caused the computer not to boot to the login screen. Even If I must keep some parts installed, how can I remove the unnecessary components of gnome?

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As the Gnome Settings panel is the application gnome-control-center, you can remove it by running sudo apt-get purge gnome-control-center. This gets rid of of the duplicated settings items it the menu.

Hint: I have no clue why, but at the first time removing the control center apt wanted to install a bunch of unity stuff and even unity8, so check what apt-get will do before typing Y ;)

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