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as given on the launchpad page here

PPA description

These builds of gvfs have my native mtp backend backported from gvfs master. Use this to easily access MTP based devices with Nautilus. 13.10 (Saucy) and newer versions of Ubuntu contain all of these changes, so you don't need to use this ppa any more.

i'm using ubuntu 12.10 ,so I decided to install this package.

so i first added the repository.

aditya@aditya-desktop:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:langdalepl/gvfs-mtp

and then

sudo apt-get update

But i don't know what and how to install to get that package

please tell me.

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It updates the existing gvfs-backends package with the newer one, which contains the GVFS-MTP backend. Just let the package manager install the updated packages and you're good.

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actually i got it somehow. – Registered User Nov 16 '13 at 7:45

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