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Where do you find the source code of application that allows you to customize the keyboard shortcut that is built into ubuntu? The application that I am talking about is shown in the image below.

keyboard shortcuts

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Please refer to this help – Ninad Nov 15 '13 at 5:58

This is not an exclusive package. The keyboard shortcuts-layout..etc is part of package gnome-settings-daemon.

See it for your self. Open a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and issue the following

apt-cache show gnome-settings-daemon 

and read the description.

Description-en: daemon handling the GNOME session settings
 This package contains the daemon which is responsible for setting the
 various parameters of a GNOME session and the applications that run
 under it. It handles the following kinds of settings:
  * Keyboard: layout, accessibility options, shortcuts, media keys
  * Clipboard management
  * Theming: background, icons, GTK+ applications
  * Cleanup of unused files
  * Mouse: cursors, speed, accessibility options
  * Startup of other daemons: screensaver, sound daemon
  * Typing break
 It also sets various application settings through X resources and XSETTINGS.

So if you want to do something with the settings, I guess you should download the source code of gnome-settings-daemon package.

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