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I just upgraded from Maverick to Natty. My main account still runs Firefox 3.6. However, I know that Firefox 4 is installed, because I created a new user and it runs Firefox 4.

How do I get my main user account to run Firefox 4 from Unity?

Thanks, Tim

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Sorry about not adding my solution. I tried several times, but I was fighting with the stupid captcha applet.

Anyway, I discovered that there was an old, manually installed Firefox 3.6 in /opt/firefox. This is what the icon was trying to start. I deleted that folder, then the icon wouldn't start anything.

So, I uninstalled and reinstalled FF 4 using aptitude. Then, I found that I could start FF 4 from the terminal, but the icon was still looking for /opt/firefox.

I could not find out how to fix that in Unity, so I logged into Gnome Classic and changed the Properties of both the icon and the menu item for Firefox. Then, when I logged back into Unity, the icon worked.


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First method

Super+A, type system, click on System Settings -> Personal section -> Preferred Applications -> Internet tab -> Web Browser, choose Firefox Web Browser.

Second method

Alt+F2, type firefox, hit ENTER, from menu Edit -> Preferences, Advanced -> General Tab -> System Defaults, click on Check Now, click on Yes, click on Close.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Vanni, but I tried it both ways you gave, and my primary user still runs FF 3.6. – Tim Apr 29 '11 at 0:40
I finally solved the problem. I don't know if it was the best way, but it worked. – Tim Apr 29 '11 at 2:10
@Tim: what was your solution? – Vanni Totaro Apr 30 '11 at 2:30

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