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Right, this is a slightly annoying feature because something this happens, and other times it doesn't, very odd.

I paste a command into the terminal with a view to tweaking its arguments, and sometimes it executes the second I paste it. Sometimes it doesn't.

This ranges from embarrassing ( posting nonsensical comments on an IRC ) to dangerous.

How can I shut this feature off for good? I never, never, never want the terminal to auto execute when I paste to it.

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may be of interest - , also people have made exploits by hiding content into a copy/paste… – Mateo Nov 15 '13 at 3:55
Wow, a feature should be built into Ubuntu to stop this. When would you ever want to paste a carriage return into the terminal? – Starkers Nov 15 '13 at 9:56
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There's no auto execution. You propably are also copying a break after the command.

If you paste a command with a break, the command line thinks, that you hit the break button by yourself.

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