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I am interested in using the Perl module Excel::Writer::XLSX on Precise. I can install it using CPAN, but due to complications at my office, it'd be easier to just be able to do apt-get install from the official Ubuntu repositories.

What are the chances of having the Perl module Excel::Writer::XLSX (libexcel-writer-xlsx-perl) added to Precise or later?

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These two links help? They are links to Excel-Writer-XLSX and the perl module:

There is a post on this question here: Also a caveat against someone installing through a PPA (command line)due to not having all the files compatible together, I think. Honestly hope this helps.

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Excel::Writer::XLSX is available as a debian package since Quantal:

Note, John McNamara also started to port the same module to python and a packaged version is available for Trusty:

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It's simple under Ubuntu 14.04. Simply do:

sudo apt-get install libexcel-writer-xlsx-perl
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