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after I have installed the latest release to my Inspiron Duo I am a bit confused about how I could get the desktop appear and behave like a "real" tablet? Just like can be seen on is that possible at all? Must confess that these are my first steps with ubuntu. Thanks in advance for your answer!

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You have installed the Desktop version. As "Convergence" has not yet taken place the "Tablet"/Ubuntu touch interface is not yet merged with the desktop experience.

You may be able to install it(in Ubuntu 13.10), but it is still something in development, and would not be a fully functional tablet experience, or fully integrated. More information about "Unity8Desktop"

To install, in terminal:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install unity8

Then Type to launch:


Again this is still in development, it is not done yet.

Full desktop convergence may be delayed even further:

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