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I'm currently trying to set up a dual boot system on my Macbook Pro 5.5. I'd like to enable read/write access on my 'Macintosh HD' (hfs+) partition.

Various sources online have claimed that I simply need to disable journaling in OSX and then change the UID in Ubuntu to match my primary user on OSX (501). I've also ensured that the permissions on my home folder in OSX are set to Read/Write - Everyone.

The partition auto-mounts when I login, but selecting it from the sidebar in Nautilus gives an error along the lines of "you do not have permissions to access this disk". Running gksudo nautilus, however, lets me navigate through the partition but fails to copy or open any files within my OSX home folder.

Other than disabling journaling, setting my ubuntu user's UID to 501, and setting permissions on the OSX side to allow everyone read/write access, what should I have done to utilize the mac partition?

Ultimately, I'd like to direct dropbox to use the OSX folder location while on Ubuntu so that it doesn't need to re-sync and duplicate my dropbox contents on both OS any time a change is made on one session.

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