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I upgraded to saucy a couple days ago on my Asus UX32VD-R4002H and I tried to mount various game isos. For some reason, it is impossible to mount images if they are as big as or bigger than 4.3 gb. Regardless of the method I tried, I always get an Input/Output error stating that it is not possible to open the image..and I tried a lot:

using command line (sudo) with:

  • mount -t iso9660 -o loop /home/Downloads/awesomegame.iso /media/1
  • fuseiso awesomegame.iso /media/1
  • converting the .iso with iat to ensure that they are iso9660 (although Im sure that all of them are)

tools i tried:

  • opening/compress the isos with file-roller/7zip ->error
  • acetoneiso
  • gmountiso
  • CDEmu
  • iso master
  • furius iso mount

I'm quite desperate right now, but I can imagine that it is just a simple configuration fault by myself, because all images work perfectly in Win7 with daemon tools. I haven't tried any of the images previously on another Ubuntu version.

Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance and best regards,


//EDIT: Even when trying to copy the .iso to my external hdd or via network to another notebook, I ll get the I/O-Error...

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Copying to another file system will be a different problem. Check if those are formatted to be FAT32 or something similar. It should work on NTFS partitions. – MadMike Nov 14 '13 at 15:27
Show the exact error you get when you try to mount it. – psusi Nov 14 '13 at 15:32

Try to mount it with UDF instead:

sudo mount -t udf -o loop /home/Downloads/awesomegame.iso /media/1
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You don't need udftools unless you plan on creating a udf image. – psusi Nov 14 '13 at 15:33

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