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I just installed a clean version of 13.10 (Saucy) and tried to install Netflix using these instructions. The installation seemed to go fine, I opened Netflix after and it asked me to install a bunch of extra things through Wine, so I did. But after that, clicking on the Netflix launcher icon did nothing. No windows open, no error message...nothing. Then I tried running netflix-desktop from the terminal. It pauses for maybe ten seconds, then takes me back to the command prompt. No error messages or anything else is printed at the terminal. I tried running wine-browser too at the terminal and the same thing. However, if I run either of the aforementioned commands with sudo, it prints

wine: /home/jacob/.wine-browser is not owned by you
wine: /home/jacob/.wine-browser is not owned by you
wine: /home/jacob/.wine-browser is not owned by you

but otherwise the same behavior. Any idea what's going on? The only thought I have is that I installed an Nvidia close-source driver (version 319) and maybe that's doing something, but I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok, so turns out that Pipelight is the best solution. I went ahead and followed their instructions for installing Wine, and it worked like a charm. It's great because I can run it in my browser of choice, unlike the original method of running netflix, which makes you use Firefox. If you're having the same problem, try this.

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Simply run

sudo rm -Rf ~/.wine-browser  

NOTE that there is NO SPACE between ~/ and .wine-browser.

This will solve the problem and let you watch Netflix on Ubuntu.

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