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Has the support for the Python language been removed from the SDK in Ubuntu 13.10? I can't find any tutorial for the Unity scope and for Python.

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Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. I find your question(s) very hard to understand. Bluntly responed: I don't know why you don't find any tutorials. And: The support for Python hasn't been removed. But I'm very unsure if that is really what your question is aiming at. Could you please edit your question and ask what you are trying to do and what doesn't work as expected. – MadMike Nov 13 '13 at 21:13
I guess (s)he is trying to find some docs about how to write scopes for 13.10 in Python. As far as I can see the page you linked only has information about scopes for 13.04 and earlier or other programming languages. – Florian Diesch Nov 13 '13 at 22:50

Scopes are transitioning to C++

The reason you might find it hard to find official tutorials for python is because Canonical is transitioning scopes to C++ (this is linked from the official Cookbook page).

You can still use python to write scopes, but it's not the primary target of Canonical... which is sad, I personally love python.

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