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I'm trying to install ClamAV 0.98 of which first step is

`cd' to the directory containing the package's source code and type `./configure' to   
configure the package for your system.

The problem is I do it and I get

bash: cd: /MYUSERNAME/Programas_descargados: No existe el archivo o el directorio 
[file or directory doesn't exist]

Can someone tell me why is this happening?

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in your answer you wrote "Programas descargados" instead of "Programas_descargados", maybe you think replacing the space with a underscore is the way, but its not, the correct way is:

cd Programas\ descargados
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@ntrpris Also, you should consider that quotes are very good in this sense: cd "Programas descargados" – Radu Rădeanu Nov 14 '13 at 16:18


cd /home/MYUSERNAME/Programas_descargados


cd ~/Programas_descargados

The problem is you forgot to specify that you're in a subdirectory of your home directory.

Hope this helps!

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Of course I tried before asking and I got the same error @JKB – ntrpris Nov 13 '13 at 22:09

They only way I could solve it was renaming "Programas descargados" for "Programas-descargados". Everything in a single word.

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