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I wish to play Heroes of Newerth.

Since i have older PC, it is kinda troublesome. I DO cover the sys reqs, but barely.

I have: 2,4GHRz AMD processor (which is overclocked with Hz only, no voltage -- equal to 2,6GHRz - 2,8GHRz) 1,312mb RAM (1gb + 256mb chip -- i have 3 slots that are full) 80GB Hard drive Nvidia GeForce 5900zt. Good but old video card (has 1.6 of something that was required to be at least 1.4) Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 (Just bragging ;P)

My question is whether UBUNTU 13.10 would run well overall (gonna find out soon), and more importantly - if i can run the HON game under XUBUNTU.

I currently have Vector Linux - it is LOVELY, but HON gives me black screen when launched (could be a problem with my old processor or maybe old drivers -- stil Ubuntu is more game-friendly)

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