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when I installed Ubuntu (successfully) with Windows 8.1, I had to re-install, because Ubuntu wouldn't load, so I re installed (on the installation page it said delete Ubuntu and reinstall) so I clicked that, and where my mouse spazed out it clicked LVM as well, when I read through it I didnt think it was much, (first time user here) so I installed and couldn't boot into Windows. I didn't mind that as much as my files were on Windows, so I had to find out how to mount LVM drive, which I was unsuccessful at :/ So can someone tell me if my stuff's gone? I ain't so bothered but now I'm stuck with Ubuntu and I'm so nooby at it everythings to do with terminal and i dont know how to use that? :( my comp didnt come with a backup disc or a windows disc, so im gonna have to spend £70 on a new os ? thanks

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run sudo update-grub command in terminal. – Avinash Raj Nov 13 '13 at 16:35
Another user with LVM install found it overwrote entire drive. Not sure if that has a choice or not as I am not about to try it. Post this to see if you just have a /boot and a /LVM partition. sudo parted -l Your computer vendor may have a drive image that it can send you for a nominal chared. – oldfred Nov 13 '13 at 17:38

Try Knoppix -- google it.

"Boot Up Any Computer, Rescue Windows and Data in 5 mins!"

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