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I click on upgrade to Ubuntu and sometimes I get the upgrade to Saucy page and say OK. Then it starts downloading 2 of 2 downloading files. Then flashes a couple of times and does nothing.

Sometimes I cannot get the Saucy pages. Anything I can do to force it to update ?

I tried:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Thank you.

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I think ubuntu wouldn't upgrade because I was using an older version of NVIDIA.

I ended up finding this: do-release-upgrade

And ran it and it upgraded. Unfortunately I then got a blank black screen after logging in. I could get into xfce but not gnome or unity default.

I eventually found this post: Ubuntu 13.10 - Black screen after login session

where this post by Erick David Ruiz Coronel fixed it. FIX :

Start in the blackscreen go to the terminal

ctrl-alt-f1 and type


and enter, error? no type


and enter ......error? np now without exiting or stoping the unity comand return to the ubuntu interface in my pc is ctrl-alt-f7 , then now you can open terminal....type

ctrl-aLT-t and type


..... nautilus will open ( DO NOT CLOSE NAUTILUS ) , now open another terminal without closing nautilus terminal ...... and type

sudo software-properties-gtk

.... search for graphic drivers .... my problem was the default drivers of .... I have an ati video card and I installed the drivers of fglrx-updates if you have nvidia install the drivers of nvidia or if you have ati install the one that i installed...... then reboot

after login u will see nautilus running well and the wallpaper the only thing not working is unity...

open terminal and type:

dconf reset -f /org/compiz/


setsid unity

thats it.

I hope this fix your problem.

So far so good.

THANK YOU ask ubuntu.

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