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Following this answer, I have installed gcc 4.8.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately, I encounter bugs very frequently, varying from failing to compile valid programs to crashing. With one exception, I have been unable to reduce to a minimal sample and report the errors. I believe all are related to new C++11 features, mostly template aliases.

Now that gcc 4.8.2 is out, I would like to upgrade as soon as possible, but I would really prefer to do so with a binary package; my previous attempts to compile from source have failed. I have seen how to compile from source specifically for Ubuntu 12.04 but I have not tried yet. I have also seen there's a binary package for Ubuntu 14.04 but it does not appear to work on my 12.04, at least without removing my current installation of gcc 4.8.1.

So, is there any information whether a binary package of gcc 4.8.2 will be available for Ubuntu 12.04, and when?

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