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Yesterday I was working with the terminal where i install the most programs and packages, but I needed to change the directory to desktop(myusername@hostname-desktop:~$) and I did good,but now i want to change back to(myusername@hostname:~$)

I can't put it like it was before,because now its in desktop directory and cant do nothing personal to the system.

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Welcome to Ubuntu.

To change directories, use cd


If you do not put in an argument you will go to your home directory. You can also

cd ..

go up one directory.

See -

You may not get all the way through that site, but the initial information is invaluable.

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+1 for, that's a very nice introduction to the command line (and basic bash scripting). – evilsoup Nov 12 '13 at 21:00

Using cd ~ will cd to your home directory.

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