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Gnome-Do just drove my CPU to 100% for over a minute for no apparent reason. Had to kill the process to stop the fans from blowing themselves apart.

I had other problems with Gnome-Do - sometimes it doesn't recognize any command. I have to restart it so that it can become of any use. I really like the idea and vast array of plugins, but shouldn't it be more reliable? Are there any alternatives to this software?

Another thing - I have never reported a bug. What should I read so that my report is useful to the developers?

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This is probably this already existing bug report - chime in there..

A good alternative would be Synapse - I'm not sure, though, how relevant all these launchers will be after one starts using unity - I think there's much duplicated functionality.

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Think that the first of your bugs is fixed in Do 0.8.4 and later, available in Ubuntu 11.04 - chances are it was either bug #395190 or bug #450852.

The second one is bug #589649 - which was introduced by the fix for the first bug. It's caused when a broken plugin blocks the Universe updater thread, so there are no Items for Do to return. This'll be fixed in the next version of Do; I'm not entirely sure as yet what approach I'll take there, though.

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