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I am using a live version of Xubuntu on USB for a extraordinary maintenance of my PC. I have to copy a single file inside the folder file system/root.

Currently I can browse the complete folder file system, but the root folder in it is marked with a cross and it prompts permission denied while trying to open it or if I try to copy file inside it.

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have you tried sudo ? – Waqas Nov 12 '13 at 14:06

use terminal and use this comand to copy

sudo cp -R file-need-to-copy-path  path-of-folder-where-you-want-to-paste

or you can change the permission of that folder by using

sudo chmod 777 path-of-folder
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That means you don't have viewing permission for that folder. You could solve that simply by allowing your user viewing rights for that folder with this command:

sudo chmod 755 /path/to/folder

or you can change folder owner from root to yourself with

sudo chown your_user_name:users /path/to/folder

Don't forget to substitute your_user_name with actually username.

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Generally this is not recommended, but if you are just using a live system and are willing to risk to break the system you can do:

Alt+F2 -> gksudo nautilus

But be careful: You can ruin your system very easily this way (e.g. by deleting/modifying crucial files by accident), so do not use it unless you know what you are doing.

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