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When I've installed Juju-GUI service I need to see it's public address. When I type:

juju status

System gives me the following output:

environment: local
    agent-state: started
instance-id: localhost
series: precise
agent-state: started
instance-id: server-local-machine-1
instance-state: missing
series: precise
charm: cs:precise/juju-gui-79
exposed: true
    agent-state: pending
    machine: "1"

And I see that my Public address is, but my subnet is 10.0.1. and my local address is I also noticed that after installing Juju, system added my strange network interface called:


How can I change public address of service?

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You are running locally using LXC and the IP address you see is the IP address of the Juju GUI inside the LXC. You cannot change it.

The lxcbr0 interface is created by LXC.

From your host machine you should be able to access the GUI by going to in your browser.

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Can I access it from other computers? – Nikita Zernov Nov 12 '13 at 13:23
No, unless you enable IP forwarding and set up some kind of routing - it's a local network on the host machine. – dimitern Nov 13 '13 at 10:49

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