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How do I install new language in Kubuntu 13.10? I've chosen Poland as my country but only English language is available. I've already tried to search for "kde-l10n" in Muon (software center) but it found nothing.

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Should be: KDE System Settings > Locale > Languages

Pick the Polish and move it to the right

enter image description here

There should be password query and the installation should start

enter image description here

At here, this is installing: calligra-l10n-pl, firefox-locale-pl, kde-l10n-pl, language-pack-pl, language-pack-pl-base.

Viewed from the dpkg.log:

grep install /var/log/dpkg.log

If the 'Available Languages' is empty you could try with the command:

sudo apt-get install calligra-l10n-pl firefox-locale-pl kde-l10n-pl language-pack-pl language-pack-pl-base
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