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since I use Ubuntu 13.10, I'm experiencing a bug:

  1. I activate standby
  2. I press any key to continue working on my laptop
  3. The computer is on again, but the wlan doesn't work.

After Standby… Hitting "Enable network"

→ The wlan network then is disabled by default, but I can't enable it, it doesn't shows any network available.

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It could be a problem of the driver or of network manager. In the latter case, try to see if

% sudo restart network-manager 

works. If it works, you can add the network-manager restart at resume: there are a lot of hints and suggestions here: how to execute a command after resume from suspend?

Otherwise, you should try to load/unload the wireless driver --- you can find it with

% nm-tool | grep Driver
Driver: atl1c
Driver: ath9k 

(you will have the list of drivers, one of them is you wireless one), and try to unload and reload it:

sudo rmmod ath9k
sudo modprobe ath9k

If this second option does work, you can add the modules to the list of modules to be loaded/unloaded at suspend/resume,

% sudo sudo gedit /etc/pm/config.d/config

And adding


there. (Disclaimer: it worked for me in 12.04. Never tried with newer Ubuntu).

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thanks a lot! the third one worked for me. – IndexOutOfBoundsException Nov 12 '13 at 20:34

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