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I've been using Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu for many years, and it served me well. I've been able to sign into Google+ using the wine hack (there are several pages on the web about it, I don't have one currently available), but since a few days ago (=beginning of November 2013), Picasa crashes when I click on "Sign in with Google account".

There's no further information available. It does create a .dmp file, but I don't have any means on my laptop here to load up core dumps.

I have the feeling this is a change on the server side, nothing changed on my local machine. Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a work-around?

I'm using Picasa 3.9.0 build 136.2000.

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Which Ubuntu version do you use? When I tried to download picasa for ubuntu, picasa.google.com It said something like this: Picasa is not currently available for your operating system –  Habi Nov 11 '13 at 12:55
@Habi Ha, installing Picasa on Ubuntu is an art form in itself. I'm using Ubuntu 13.10. First, you have to find an old 3.0 Linux install. Then you have to go to picasa.google.com using a Windows machine (or a browser that claims to be Windows) to download the lastest 3.9 build, then install it. Then there's a setting in Wine to make the signing in work. And all that used to work for many years... until now. –  EboMike Nov 11 '13 at 16:33

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