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I'm trying to tweak a .conkyrc (the weather bit of this one) that includes (not quite) this line:

${image ~/.conky/google-now/images/humidity.png -p 0,155 -s 15x15}${goto 35} SOME STUFF ${voffset 15}

The -p 0,155 positions the image variable. I read the documentation for goto, I know that goto 35 prints the next element at position 35 but I don't quite know what that means. The voffset pushes the text down, but setting voffset to 155 doesn't seem to push the text down to the image. How do i line them up?

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I would still love some kind of screen ruler thing that would make this easier, or code to report the position to the screen, but offset and voffset adjust x or y based on your current location -- they're relative to where text would appear if you didn't offset it. goto is absolute -- position 35 is 35 pixels (I might be off about the units) from the left hand margin. offset 35 is wherever you are plus 35 pixels. Image placement (-p 0,155) is similarly absolute.

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