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Noob here. I just installed 13.10 yesterday And it booted up for me several times and all was well. Then this morning when I went to boot I received a "No such device" error and a "grub rescue" command line prompt. I tried running the live disc and re-installing Ubuntu 13.10 However that was a fail. The same messages kept occurring. Then I tried to boot up in Windows 7. Also a fail. I then attempted to run a Windows 7 restore disc. You guessed it - Fail. This sucks. What do I do?

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check your boot order in bios. – Avinash Raj Nov 11 '13 at 0:39

I can't comment, but did you end up upgrading grub at some point? This causes many people errors... And be more descriptive what grub rescue line comes up

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You can fix GRUB via the Ubuntu install disk. You do not need to re-install Ubuntu. When initially opening the Install disk there is an option to Repair Ubuntu. Click through the various screens until you get to a menu that mentions repair (or re-instal grub). Choose that menu option and the system will rebuild grub for you (including recognising Windows partition and adding a grub menu option for that).

Hope this helps

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