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I have an OLD system that I am trying to get back for an old customer. My problem is as follows:

MoBo only allows the system to boot from the CD Drive. Nothing else. Unfortunately, this drive will not read my DVD install disk for ubuntu.

I cannot put ubuntu on a CD because the .ISO is ~800 mb and the CD only holds 700. So i cannot boot from USB, or DVD, and I cannot fit Ubuntu onto a CD.

How Can I put Ubuntu onto this HDD. It is PATA.

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Does this help?… – Mitch Nov 10 '13 at 17:14

I installed 11.10 onto cd as it just fits & then updated to 12.04 lts, this worked on my old Satellite pro. Its probably due to the chipset being non pae, as I found with mine 11.1 is the last to use a non pae bootloader

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