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Using Natty 11.04, Glade 3.8.0:

  • Make a new Glade project, add a Window, save as test.glade. Close Glade.
  • Open Glade again with test.glade as file; both Open dialog and via command line: glade test.glade, result with the same window:


That is, window is empty, even though it looks as if the file loaded! This immediately makes me think something is wrong, and I get pissed.

Then, one just needs to click the 'window1' node in upped right corner - and by selecting it, the window finally shows:


Given I extremely dislike this extraneous step of clicking the node to show the contents at load - is there a way to make Glade select this node automatically when loading a file, so the contents are shown as soon as the file is loaded?

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