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My laptop is HP 2000-210US.

I've never had so much difficulty with Ubuntu. I got "Ubuntu Made Easy" and couldn't believe it hasn't done a damn thing to help solve the problems.

Since install of 12.04 I haven't been able to connect to wireless. Have done everything I can find/think of. Laptop indicates it's receiving wireless.

  • Ran all updates, restricted extras, etc. That not solved.

  • Tried to find how to activate built-in webcam (it worked when I installed O.S.). Couldn't activate.

  • I tried to find MBR repair/rebuild terminal command. No results.

The book has has been useless, so far.

I really have to solve these problems, otherwise laptop and Ubuntu are worthless.

Hope someone can help me out with any or all the problems I've listed. Sure would appreciate it!

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I recommend dealing with one issue at a time by starting different questions for each issue without caplocks for screaming and bad language. –  Wild Man Nov 10 '13 at 2:01

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