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I'm trying to install Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7 with these instructions. After the tablet rebooted, it got stuck on the Google screen. The article says If the deploy fails (example: boots to black screen), try wiping the/datapartition on your device and redeploy. I used ClockworkMod Recovery to wipe /data. When I ran phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel devel --no-backup it said I didn't have the permissions to do this. I went into cwm and hit "fix permissions" and it did the same thing. When I run adb devices it returns: List of devices attached ???????????? no permissions.

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I fixed my permissions by killing adb server "sudo adb kill-server" and restarting it "sudo adb start-server" and My tablet shows up in "sudo adb devices". I found this on Thank you Stephan Branczyk. Now I'm gonig to Manually install Ubuntu Touch, hope I dont break it again.

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