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After seeing an article on Cheese 3.0 and it's new effects some months back, it was going to be one of the major highlights of 11.04 to me.

Sadly, I find 3.0 is not in the repo; it has been released, just not soon enough before the freeze.

So how do I install Cheese 3.0 in Ubuntu 11.04?

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You need GNOME 3 to run Cheese 3.0 while Ubuntu 11.04 has GNOME 2.32. So, what to do?

Wait a few weeks until the GNOME3 PPA has been throughly tested and install GNOME3 alongside to Unity. Then, you can install Cheese 3.0. Instructions at

NOTE: Do not install the PPA yet. Currently the PPA is experimental, and there is no going back (removing GNOME3 to go back to Unity).

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So, no cheese 3.0 for Unity then? :( – Dante Ashton Apr 28 '11 at 10:30
So, what, they have GNOME Shell integrated into GNOME 3 libraries? Or are the GNOME 3 libraries (and not Shell) the things that would break Unity? – Firefeather Apr 29 '11 at 16:42

You can download Cheese 3.0.1 from:

Extract the file, click on the extracted file named cheese-3.0.1 then click on the file named INSTALL which tells you how to go about installing Cheese 3.0.1

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