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Spec: OS: Ubuntu Studio 13.10 64bit CPU: AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Memory: 6GB DDR3 Video: Radeon HD 4250 (embedded on the mobo) Sound: Delta 66 PCI

Issue: I just installed Ubuntu Studio and found out that the streaming audio on a few common website such as Youtube had no sound, and also my CD/DVDs via a player.

Thus, in the terminal, I entered:

sudo alsa force-reload

It actually worked but the sound/audio output was MONO and NOT Stereo (the sources are set to stereo stereo), and it seemed I was not able to locate any settings that can switch the output sound to stereo at all.

I went through many forums and eventually "autoremove" pulseaudio since many said I would not be able to utilize both pulseaudio and alsa in this case.

Now, I have no audio whatsoever.

Does this version of Ubuntu only offer mono sound/audio no matter what I do? Then, I may just need to ditch the whole thing and go back to Windows, which I don't want to since Ubuntu Studio offers many great apps, soundfonts etc..

I have also installed restricted extra, but even after rebooting, it did not resolve the issue.

In the terminal mode, I pulled "alsamixer" and unmuted almost everything. But still no sound after a reboot.

Just an FYI, I have no saved data under this version of Ubuntu Studio yet, so please feel free to let me know whether I need to install Studio 12.10 instead or mess with some installing/uninstalling apps/plug-ins, etc... If it breaks at some point, all I need to do is to re-install it, which I do not mind at all.

Or, if you can provide me a step by step instruction to get this work, I do not mind clean install the Studio 13.10 then wait for your instruction AT ALL!

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