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Recently, due to a power failure, my system shut down abruptly and since then I am facing this problem! My laptop hangs very frequently and the filesystem becomes read only. I ran disk utility which showed that there are 120 bad sectors! what should I do?

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This is what I do when this happens to me:

  1. Run a Live USB session.

  2. Open "Disks" app (gnome-disks).

  3. Take note of the device addresses(?). They look like /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc.

  4. Unmount the disk or partitions. This is why you need the Live USB.

  5. Open a Terminal to run fsck (for "file system check"). What this would do is essentially mark those bad sectors so they won't be used in the future:

    sudo fsck -a + [the device address; see step 3]

    • -a is the option automatically repair the file system without any questions

    It looks like this:

    sudo fsck -a dev/sda1

    Do this for all the devices.

  6. Reboot out of the session.

I hope this works for you too. Cheers.

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