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I installed Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit. Now I want to install programme IRAF, which is running on 32 bit system. And I can not install ia32-libs.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs this is not working

What to do, so the programme will work? I tried so many different things, but nothing works... Do I have to install Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit or is there any other sulution?

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possible duplicate of What happened to the ia32-libs package? – Avinash Raj Nov 9 '13 at 1:33

Just install the 64-bit version of IRAF:

% mkdir iraf.v2161 
% cd iraf.v2161
% wget
% tar zxf iraf.lnux.x86_64.tar.gz
% ./install                         # accept prompt defaults
% iraf                              # to start IRAF in an XGterm

See for more details

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I do not find the file in the ftp repo you are linking to. In fact, no files with names starting with "iraf". – Thriveth Feb 21 '14 at 2:14
Oh - seems like the currently correct link is: – Thriveth Feb 21 '14 at 2:17

You can get statically linked binaries from

The ia32-libs aren't needed for IRAF so long as you're using the 64-bit system

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I installed IRAF on Ubuntu 16 in a very elegant way by mean of Miniconda:

And then with:

Hope it helps you.

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