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Several attempts to install Ubuntu using wubi were unsucessful : message says
failed to launch pylauncher
tried to launch wubi from several partitions
none attempt was successful

system is Win7 Ubuntu was installed earlier, but a defragmentation distroyed it
partition was reformated using win7 -- fortuntely Win7 works OK

what can I do to install ? I need Ubuntu

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Wubi is obsolete. Instead of installing Ubuntu with Wubi, it is recommended to drive with multiple partitions.


You have a hard disk of 100 GB, you want to have Ubuntu and Windows on the hard disk.

You split your disk into two parts, one for Ubuntu, and the other part for Windows.

Running two different systems on a computer is called dual-boot.


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It seems that antivirus program was stoping the process ; the error mesage was missleading -- sorry for the question // although some other people might encounter the same problem and might be helpful for them to know – Emma Dobozi Nov 8 '13 at 19:01

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