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In my country IRAQ, there's just Master Card available to pay. So its possible to pay with it to Ubuntu or the lonely way is by Paypal.


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your Question can be successfully answered at : pay-support@canonical.com

mail them your issue.They will reply ASAP.

Edit: Got some reliable information : https://one.ubuntu.com/terms/#fees-and-payment

If you purchase content or applications from us, payment for content or applications is due at the time you purchase the content or application. You will be asked to enter your credit card number and we will charge your credit card at the time of purchase. Fees are charged in the currency in which you make your purchase.

Payment for services is handled for Canonical by a third party and your credit card statement may identify Ubuntu One paid subscriptions as “Canonical” or “PayPal”. All fees and paid accounts are non-refundable. You are responsible for any foreign transaction fees incurred by your bank.

Bottom line: If you have any credit card then you can do purchase & that's completely doesn't matter what Card it is.

Hope that helps.

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