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Which is the best way to deal with users in case of new package installation and creation of new users group?

Lets suppose printing subsystem wasn't installed with Ubuntu or some other distribution of Linux. Later on it was installed and created user group lpadmin. (I suppose lpadmin installed by printing packages?)

But at the moment we already can have some desktop users added and should deal with this situation.

I currently see next options here:

  1. Do nothing. Let users manually request/perform addition into lpadmin group.
  2. Automatically add all real users into lpadmin group.
  3. Automatically add all users with adm group into lpadmin group.

If we talking about desktop there is no reason not to include at least admin users inside lpadmin. I just wondering which way is preferred for Ubuntu.

I don't think it's a good idea to bring additional hustle on desktop users after just another packet setup. Some times I suppose permissions must be granted by default.

What do you think?

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