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I download Intel(R) Linux(TM) Graphics Driver for Ubuntu 13.04 x64 because I am using Ubuntu 13.04 x64, after I install it with dpkg, Program is fully installed, I start it and I can choose of Close or Next, I click on Next and all test are passing ok.

Checking if Intel graphics card available... OK
Retrieving information from OK
Checking distribution... OK
Checking kernel version... OK
Checking available repositories... OK

Now I can choose of Back, Close and Install, I click on Install, After the program work some time,It ask me of system administrator password, I type it and press Enter, the password is accepted, the program is running some time and generate 2 error windows:

text of first window : Error running transaction: GDBus.Error:org.debian.apt.TransactionFailed: error-no-package: Package i915-3.9-3.8-dkms isn't available

text of second window : Package i915-3.9-3.8-dkms isn't available

In the main window is write

Setting up repositories... OK
Installing packages...
    Updating package cache...
    Installing packages... Failed

Because it doesn't work?

(Now I can't make screenshot, the generated image is a simple gray background)

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The package is listed here:

You can try manually installing the package and re-run the installer.

If that fails, post the error message here:

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