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With the (apparent) loss of the print indicator in Natty, I'm having a little trouble keeping track of my print queue easily.

At the moment to bring up a print queue, I bring up the "Printing" application using the Dash, then go to the Printer -> View Print Queue menu. This seems a little convoluted to me, and I'd like an easier way.

Is there some way to go directly to the printer queue in Natty, like you used to be able to do by clicking on the printer indicator in earlier Ubuntu versions? Alternatively, can we turn the printer indicator icon back on when there are (or have recently been) queued print jobs?

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Yes, this is a bug.

The old printer applet should be whitelisted and an actual print indicator should be written for 11.10.

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system-config-printer works. Hold down the Super key and search for "pr" - run the Printing application and Ctrl-F will display the print queue.

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