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I already added Hungarian as a language, but in the keyboard menu settings I don't see any other keyboard available to add or set. I don't want to change the default system language, just the keyboard, and I don't want to change the layout manually key by key.

I'm using 12.04.3 LTS.

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Just run the following command in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.libgnomekbd.keyboard layouts "['hu', 'us']"

If you want only Hungarian keyboard layout, use:

gsettings set org.gnome.libgnomekbd.keyboard layouts "['hu']"
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Using the GUI you can do it like this:

  1. Open the Keyboard app (accessible through the Dash)
  2. Click the Layout Settings link in the lower left
  3. Click the + button on the lower left (below the list of existing layouts)
  4. Search for the Hungarion layout you wish and Click Add
  5. Close the Keyboard app (a keyboard button will show up in the top menu bar that lets you select a layout)

If you wish to remove the US keyboard use the - button in the layout list.

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