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I never had a problem with this before but today when I tried to use that app, the one that says "Search your computer and online sources" when you hover over it, it wont find ANYTHING useful. It wont find stuff I know I have on my computer (like files or programs) but it keeps finding crap I don't think I even have on my computer and has nothing to do with what I typed in to search.

I get "Ask Ubuntu" but other than that, even if I search something that I KNOW it has found in the past, it just returns useless reference crap and A LOT junk that doesn't have much to do with what I was looking for. How do I make it search properly again?

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Can you add a screenshot of the "little search thing" or be more descriptive? – Braiam Nov 6 '13 at 22:48

Open the dash and click "Filter results". Make sure that things you want to search for are checked. Then make sure that you are on the home lens.

enter image description here

You might also want to disable online results. Open System Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Search.

enter image description here

That should solve your problem.

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