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BRAND NEW to Ubuntu but loving it so far. I have a Canon MX772 wireless printing running on my network and am able to print fine from a PC and Mac.

Using the printers IP, Ubuntu was able to find it and I accepted all of the "recommended" items (it found a Canon MX770 driver). Everything seems to load fine...but the test page does not print, nor does any print commands make it to the printer.

If I open the print dialogue jobs are shown as "held" and when I look at the jobs attributes, I see Job printer state message=cannot specify model number and then a few lines down job state reasons=aborted by system. If I try to resume it immediately goes back to held.

I can successfully ping the IP of the printer. Would be very appreciative of other ideas...printing is the last check in the box before I am all set up. Thanks!

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Can you add the way to solve it as answer? –  Braiam Nov 6 '13 at 22:53

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