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-- Just to prefice this post, I'll say that I'm a huge novice when it comes to anything linux based, so the more detail the better --

I have a laptop running Ubuntu and I've been trying to utilize Centrify to authenticate users from our Windows Domain to the laptop. So far I've been able to accomplish that. However, I would really like to have a users ADUC Defined Home Folder mapped on logon.

I've been fallowing this thread (http://community.centrify.com/t5/DirectControl-Express-for-UNIX/Automounting-home-directories-defined-in-AD/td-p/1044) on the Centrify community forums about mounting a users home directory. If you scroll down to a post by Ilau, he has provided a script that should accomplished this.

I've reached this part of his steps

2. chmod +s which smbmount

3. chmod +s which smbumount

and I'm completely lost. I'm not exactly sure what hes looking for me to do in this instance. I know that chmod is used for changing permissions, but is he looking for me to run this against an smb share that I have on my network?

Also, if anyone has any alternative solutions that you use or have used to mount a users ADUC Defined Home Folder I'm all ears.

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