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Ok, trying again :)

I tried to find the answer to this on my own, and that led me to the first suggestion in this topic... which, through a Series of Unfortunate Events, let me to hours and hours of hair-pulling before I got my system back to a usable state.

So now I'm just going to ask: What is the best way to reliably have a VPN connection started at boot, and is there a way to monitor it to ensure it is active?

I have Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64-bit. I have successfully configured OpenVPN and it works with manual start/stops no problem. When I reboot, of course, the VPN is no longer active. Starting it works with:

sudo nmcli con up id slickvpn.com

I'm sure I can just throw that into a startup file, but there seems to be so many of them and I'm so new to it that the potential for a screw up (without guidance) seems high. Also, that won't help me monitor to know that its up at any given point.

I gather that's what vpnautoconnect is, but with the problems that caused me... I'd rather avoid that software (unless someone wants to hold my hand through that).

Thanks for suggestions.

ps. I maybe should mentiont: this is a desktop Ubuntu install, but its running as a server. Its headless [although a head is available if required]

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