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I created a .deb package of application by myself and I want to add to it icon and screenshot to visualize it in Application Manager such as Ubuntu Software Center. When I launch my package by double-click. For example, when I launch virtualbox or skype packages their icon and screenshot appear. How can I make this? Is it possible?

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Have you checked out the .desktop file for each of them? It may be that they pint to the files with the screenshot, if who just copy the format and modify it to your requirements. –  DaveM Jun 18 at 17:21
Sorry but I don't understand what you actually mean. How can the .desktop file help me in this case? Could you explain in details please? –  vasyl Jun 22 at 12:39
You can use the desktop file to point to an app icon, and I suspect also a screenshot. Check this thread for more info askubuntu.com/questions/281293/… –  DaveM Jun 22 at 13:15

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