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I, need to zip a directory excluding some subdirectory and file; I used this:

zip -r zipfile.zip . -x ".*" -x "app/bower_components" -x "node_modules" -x "*.zip" -x "node_modules"

without any success; node_modules is a folder in the principal one while bower_components is inside the folder app

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what is your result and what are your expected result? –  D-E-N Nov 5 '13 at 17:57

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I simply make a guess what you want.

-x ".*"

exclude all files beginning with a dot

do it like:

-x .\*

exclude all files (with a dot in the filename)

do it like:

-x \*.\*


-x "app/bower_components" -x "node_modules"

exclude this directory and all files in it

do it like:

-x app/bower_components/\* -x node_modules/\*


-x "*.zip"

exclude all zip-Files

do it like:

-x \*.zip

You exclude node_modules twice

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thanks I got it, using various post arrived to that: zip -r * app/* -x\app/bower_components/* -x\node_modules/* -x*.zip –  arpho Nov 7 '13 at 15:34

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